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2011 Pro Bowl Rosters: NFC West Stars Aplenty, No Seahawks In Sight

No Seattle Seahawks made the trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl this week, but there are a few NFC West stars to speak of. The division was clearly down in 2010, evidenced by the Seahawks taking home a playoff spot with a losing record, the first time in NFL history that’s happened.

Here’s a look at the NFC West players playing in Sunday’s Pro Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals

Darnell Dockett, interior lineman – named as a replacement player
Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver – made the team as a replacement for Greg Jennings
Adrian Wilson, strong safety – starter

San Francisco 49ers

Justin Smith, interior lineman
Patrick Willis, inside/middle linebacker – injured, will not play

St. Louis Rams

Steven Jackson, running back

In total the NFC West has six, the lowest among any conference in the NFL. The NFC East led the way with 19 Pro Bowl selections in 2011 and the Atlanta Falcons put the most members of one team into the game with a whopping nine.

For the full rosters, go here.

The Pro Bowl takes place at 4 p.m., coming to you live from Honolulu, Hawaii. FOX has the broadcast duties as the AFC and NFC duke it out in the Aloha Bowl. For more on the game, including the ever-so-important details about the festivities, check out our Pro Bowl StoryStream.