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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Has Jake Locker Fallen Out Of The First Round?

Washington quarterback Jake Locker is in Mobile, Alabama this week, going through workouts in front of a bevy of scouts and analysts as he attempts to boost his draft stock at the Senior Bowl. Though many have said Locker improved each day, he didn’t exactly get glowing reviews overall, leaving with more questions than answers. The biggest question now: has Locker played himself out of the first round?

One analyst, Russ Lande, has been a staunch critic of Locker and can’t fathom the quarterback going in the first round. He sees mechanics issues with Locker’s release and accuracy that doesn’t appear to be improving at all.

I may wind up being wrong about this, but I don’t see how University of Washington QB Jake Locker will be selected in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. His passing mechanics continue to be a big issue. He rarely put together two accurate passes in a row and his release point needs to be adjusted.

In the latest SB Nation 2011 NFL mock draft, Locker was projected to be the Seahawks pick. If it’s true Locker has hurt his stock enough to scare teams away from using a first round pick on him, would the Seahawks reach and grab Locker with the 25th pick? With as many questions as there have been about him, it’s clear the risk is high, but the reward — if he’s able to miraculously figure it out — could be great, as well.

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