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NFC Championship Game, Packers Vs. Bears: Weather And Soldier Field Condition Could Play A Role

We all remember last week at Soldier Field. The turf itself was in poor condition, the sidelines were rock hard and the weather was frigid. Ahead of today’s NFC Championship between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, temperatures are again expected to be frigid, but the field looks to be in better shape, depending on who you believe. Will the conditions in Chicago play a role in today’s game, with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line?

The weather is bone-chillingly cold, but no snow is expected this time around. Unlike last week, Soldier Field looks inviting, basking in the glow of sunlight this morning. When the Seattle Seahawks took the field, they were greeting by a steady snowfall and temperatures dipping into the teens. This time around, the high is expected to be in the teens, with lows perhaps dipping below 10 degrees. There is a chance of snow, but all looks clear for now.

As for the field, the condition is up for debate. If you believe CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman, Soldier Field is in poor condition again, with chunks of sod coming up as players run through warmups. Freeman said the grounds crew was spray painting the sod, comparing it to putting “”" target="new">lipstick on a pig" while noticing what looked like tire tracks on the playing surface.

On the other hand, check out some of the pictures from this morning. The turf had a tarp placed over it, protecting it from the harsh elements. The photos are zoomed out, but it doesn’t look too frightening, though we won’t know how it will hold up until the players actually get on the field.

Keep an eye on Soldier Field and the weather today as the Packers and Bears hit the field in the NFC Championship at noon on Fox.