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Will Herring Intercepts Sam Bradford, Seattle Seahawks Lead, 13-6

Sam Bradford tried to get greedy and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Will Herring made him pay. Herring jumped in front of a pass to Brandon Gibson in the fourth quarter with the St. Louis Rams driving, snaring the pass and giving the Seahawks the ball back with eight minutes to go. It was the play of the game to this point.

The Rams had plenty of momentum ahead of Herring’s interception after forcing the Seahawks to punt the possession before. Jon Ryan shanked the punt in a horrific way, giving the Rams great field position. The first play went for 10 yards, but Herring got heroic on the second.

The Seahawks needed the defense to show up after weeks of futility. Tonight, it has and then some. Seattle has kept the Rams out of the end zone so far, harassing Bradford all night while bottling up Steven Jackson.

With four minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks have the lead, 13-7.