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Seattle Seahawks Vs. St. Louis Rams: Seattle Finds Run Game, Settles For Field Goal

Charlie Whitehurst was serviceable, but not spectacular, on the Seattle Seahawks last drive, moving the chains but stalling deep in the red zone. The surprise, however, was the sudden emergence of a run game on the Seattle side of the ball. On second and long, Justin Forsett scampered 18 yards for a first down. Marshawn Lynch picked up a big first down on a 10-yard run, looking to atone for an earlier miscue. Still, the Rams are within striking distance as the Seahawks lead, 10-6.

The Seattle offensive line, despite having to reshuffle yet again, has been able to create holes for the running game to operate effectively. Russell Okung has returned from injury, but Chester Pitts is out with a concussion. The Seahawks are now on their third combination on the line in this game alone.

Lynch, Forsett and Washington combined to bring a potent attack originating from the Seahawks backfield on the scoring drive. It’s the first time I can remember all three got in on the action in a game this year. Whether it be swing passes, draws or a power running game, the offense was clicking, a good sign for the rest of the game for Seattle.

With the third quarter nearly over, the Seahawks are hanging on by the skin of their chin, 10-6. The NFC West title is hanging in the balance, with the Seahawks looking to hang on for a playoff berth over the rams.