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Seattle Seahawks Vs. St. Louis Rams: Charlie Whitehurst Makes Great Play, Marshawn Lynch Fumbles, Rams Capitalize

The Seattle Seahawks opened the second half strong, forcing a St. Louis Rams punt. Charlie Whitehurst made a great play, avoiding the rush and finding Marshawn Lynch as an outlet to start the drive, only to see Lynch negate it all as he was stripped. The Rams recovered, took over possession and used a Josh Brown field goal to get within one in the third quarter, 7-6.

Whitehurst has been as good as can be expected, considering the situation, throwing for 150 yards and a touchdown in just over two quarters of play. Though he’s been hesitant at times, Whitehurst has been able to make plays with his feet, rushing for 19 yards on four carries. It was his perfect first drive, 5-5 for 85 yards and a touchdown, that gave the Seahawks the early lead. That lead has held, even as the Rams continue to chip away.

A costly St. Louis holding call on a Steven Jackson run that got the Rams down near the goalline backed the offense up and allowed the Seahawks to hold. Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford threw the ball out of the end zone while evading the rush on third and goal, setting up Josh Brown’s second field goal of the night.

In the third quarter, the Seahawks still lead the Rams, 7-6.