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Seahawks Vs. Rams: Seattle Leads At The Half, 7-3

In a surprising first half dominated by the defense, the Seattle Seahawks made it out with their NFL Playoff hopes alive and well through 30 minutes, leading the St. Louis Rams, 7-3. The Seahawks scored first on a clinical drive by Charlie Whitehurst, but have stalled since, using strong defense to stay in the game. Both defenses are holding strong, setting up what looks to be a dogfight to the finish.

Whitehurst finished the half 15-20 for 145 yards and a touchdown. The Seahawks had no running game to speak of, rushing for just 22 yards, led by Whitehurst’s 19 yards on scrambles. Ruvell Martin caught two passes for 77 yards, including a 61-yard bomb to setup the first Seattle touchdown.

The Seahawks defense has kept St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford off-balance for much of the game, getting hands in the passing lane to tip Bradford’s passes. The rookie quarterback finished the half with 93 yards through the air, but no touchdowns. Steven Jackson carried the ball just seven times for 32 yards, as well.

There’s 30 minutes to go in Seattle with the NFC West title and a home playoff game on the line. The Seahawks lead the Rams, 7-3. St. Louis will get the ball to start the half.