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Sunday Night Football: Lawyer Milloy Tells Seattle Seahawks 'Eat That Carrot'

The Seattle Seahawks are about ready to take-on the St. Louis Rams with the NFC West title hanging in the balance. With the NFC West the final piece in the NFL Playoff picture for 2011, motivation is at an all-time high for both teams. As is customary before any football game, certain players give impromptu speeches to get their team fired-up. Seattle Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy did the honors this week, and was caught by Sunday Night Football cameras pumping the defense up.

That's right, ladies and gentleman. You better get that carrot. You better eat that carrot. Be the rabbit.

This is about the only time I've heard football players use rabbits as a metaphor for such a crucial game. If it gets them fired up, we'll take it, though. The carrot, in this case, is the NFC West title. The rabbit is, of course, the Seattle Seahawks. And the only thing standing in their way is those pesky St. Louis Rams.

Tune-in to Sunday Night Football to see if the Seahawks can get themselves a carrot.