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2011 NFL Draft Order: Seattle Seahawks Could Have Top-10 Draft Pick

What a difference a win could make on Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks take the field against the St. Louis Rams. If the Seahawks win, and make the playoffs, the affect on Seattle's NFL Draft position would be significant. After all, the draft is one of the main reasons some fans are rooting against the Seahawks today.

The NFL Draft order is simple. Teams are ranked by record in reverse order, with the worst record drafting first. The exception to the rule, however, takes the playoffs into account. Should the Seahawks make the playoffs, even at 7-9, they would automatically drop to pick No. 21 or lower, depending upon where they finish in the playoffs. Lose to St. Louis and the Rams drop to No. 21 or lower while the Seahawks will be ensure a top-10 pick.

Take it away, Rob Staton.

Can now confirm with Detroit win over Minnesota - if Seattle is defeated today they will pick between 7th and 10th in the 2011 NFL draft.less than a minute ago via web

There you have it. Win and the Seahawks make the playoffs. Lose and the Seahawks draft in the top-ten, perhaps as high as seventh.

With the playoffs, and a draft pick, on the line tonight in Seattle, the Seahawks have plenty to play, or not play, for.