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NFL Lockout Awareness At Center Of NFLPA's 'Let Us Play' Campaign

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) called on its players to use the power of the Internet to raise awareness about the very real possibility of a lockout following the 2010 season. Players were encouraged to tweet about the lockout, spread the message on Facebook and post messages on their personal websites, all in an effort to gain support for the NFLPA's cause. With owners and the players' union at an impasse, fans are staring down the barrel of a year with no football should the owners decide to lock the players out ahead of the 2011 season.

The campaign, rooted in social media, is a fascinating study on how stars use the Internet to connect with fans. Many players already use Twitter and Facebook accounts to connect with fans, striking up conversations and reaching a new audience. It creates a different kind of bond -- one that wasn't possible just years ago. Now, the NFLPA is harnessing that power to send a message, and build a grassroots movement against a potential NFL lockout.

It's not just fans getting an education today, however. The players themselves are using the time to interact with fans and gauge feelings about a potential lockout. Take Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams, an active Twitter user himself. Earlier today, he posed a question to his followers, asking how they felt about a potential lockout. After hearing from his followers, he tweeted this.

Some interesting views on the Lockout.. Good to see there are some smart and fair ppl out there on Twitterless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

While a social media campaign may seem small, it's all part of a bigger package the NFLPA is putting together in an effort to build support and raise awareness about something they feel is unjust. Whether or not you feel it is, how they're organizing the campaign is a sign of times and shows how something as simple as Twitter and Facebook can be used to send a widespread message and inform the masses.

More information on the NFLPA's side of the lockout can be found on Players are using the Twitter hashtag #LETUSPLAY today as they work to spread the message passed down by the union.