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Jeremy Bates Latest In Seattle Seahawks Coaching Staff Changes

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll already has a large task at hand just two days into the offseason. After Jeremy Bates was fired on Tuesday, Carroll will be replacing four assistant coaches, three of which left for other jobs during the Seahawks playoff run. In addition to Bates, defensive line coach Dan Quinn went to Florida, quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch went to Miami and Jerry Gray returned to the university of Texas. For Carroll, it will be a busy offseason as he looks to replace a large chunk of his staff.

The Seahawks became a revolving door team shortly after Carroll was hired, with a record number of roster moves taking place ahead of the 2010 season. Now, with three coordinators leaving for college jobs, and Bates’ firing, Carroll is, essentially, starting from scratch again, replacing two assistants on each side of the ball.

One thing is clear about Pete Carroll: if he doesn’t think the job is being done right, whether on the field or within his staff, he’ll find someone to do it his way. As the players have said all year, it’s “buy in or get out,” with a my-way-or-the-highway attitude from Carroll. As we saw this year, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the team benefited from it right out of the gate.

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