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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Projections Have Brandon Harris Headed To Seattle

We’ve seen three schools of thought — defensive linemen, quarterbacks and running backs — when it comes to projecting which position the Seattle Seahawks will target with the 25th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. On Tuesday, another position of need was added to the mix — cornerback. The Seahawks pass defense was downright terrible in 2010, allowing opponents to pass for just under 250 yards per game.

SB Nation’s latest 2011 NFL mock draft, which had been projecting Seattle would take a quarterback, changed it up on Tuesday, instead choosing a cornerback for the Seahawks. Here’s a look at how it shakes out.

This week, Brandon Harris, a cornerback out of Miami, is the Seahawks projected pick in SB Nation’s mock draft. Harris is a talented athlete that opted for early entry into the draft following the season. In 2010, he finished with 44 tackles, 10 passes defensed and an interception. With Kelly Jennings likely heading toward free agency, the Seahawks need some depth at the position, even with Walter Thurmond III likely stepping into a starting role.

While Harris is listed as the Seahawks pick — for now — there are other options if the draft shakes out anywhere near how SB Nation projects. In their mock draft, Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett would both still be on the board, making it hard to believe the Seahawks would pass on either player. Would the Seahawks opt to go with a defensive back over a quarterback they could develop for the future or a defensive lineman that fills an immediate need?

With plenty of talent in the first round, the Seahawks have options, despite falling to the 25th pick after an impressive playoff run. With prospects hitting the field for workouts ahead of the draft, expect these early mock drafts to change dramatically in the coming months, leading up to April’s NFL Draft in New York. For now, it’s fun to look at the options and dissect the positions of need to get a better idea of which direction the Seahawks head when the draft does finally roll around in April.

Stay tuned to our 2011 NFL mock draft StoryStream for the latest look at the projections ahead of April’s draft.