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Week in Review: Huskies No Longer Perfect, Seahawks Get Dominated

Last week was great, wasn't it? Basketball was perfect, Seahawks shocked the world and Eastern Washington brought home the national title. Remember that? Well keep remembering, because this week we had none of that. We weren't even close. After the jump we'll review every day of the previous week and take a look at some of the best stories from right here on SB Nation Seattle.

Monday, Jan 10

Nothing much Seattle-wise happened today. Most of the news revolved around more fallout from the Seahawk game on Saturday and looks at that evening's BCS National Championship between Oregon and Auburn. No, it didn't much to do with Seattle, but it was a game with Pac-10 pride on the line. Both The Huskies and The Cougars could use an Oregon win, whether Huskies choose to admit it or not, to better the national prestige of their conference.

Tuesday, Jan 11

The day after the BCS Title Game and controversy is abound. The key play in the biggest game of the year came down to one body part: A wrist. Does a wrist constitute a downed body part? It's a question for the ages and it may never be answered (Unless you read this post). Also today, we took a look at a lot of college basketball as we get ready for Thursday's full slate of games.

Wednesday, Jan 12

With the college football season long gone, players are deciding whether to stay at school or go pro. The big name for Washington fans was Chris Polk. Also today, we start to get excited about The Seahawks and their playoff game on Sunday. Is it just me or does Pete Carroll look a little nervous?

Thursday, Jan 13

We have college basketball! However, thanks to the worst TV contract in the history of the NCAA, neither Washington's nor Washington State's games were televised. It's a good thing that neither of them were, you know, two point game or overtime finishes. That would've have just been terrible... Also... Wait! What's that?!?! In the sky? It's a bird! No! It's a plane! No! It's the 2011 MLS superdraft!

Results: MBB: Utah Valley Wolverines Def. Seattle University Red Hawks (89-73) [Covered by AP], Gonzaga Bulldogs Def. Pepperdine Waves (92-75) [Covered by SB Nation's The Slipper Still Fits], California Golden Bears Def. Washington State Cougars (88-81 - OT) [Covered by SB Nation's CougCenter], Stanford Cardinal Def. Washington Huskies (58-56)

Friday, Jan 14

A quiet Friday in Seattle, but the news didn't quit. Lot's of news about the draft and college basketball. The hot topic of the day was Oregon's new arena, which they showed off during a primetime showcase on FSN on Thursday night. I hated to forested court when I first saw it, but I started to come around on it. What did you think?

Saturday, Jan 15

Another day of college basketball action as the Cougars and Bulldogs battle conference foes. The Zags look to remain undefeated in conference, while The Cougs want to regain .500 status in conference. We also have a full day of NFL playoff action AND a kid being kicked out of school for wearing a rivals jersey. Does that sound like a perfect day or what?

Results: MBB: Washington State Cougars Def. Stanford Cardinal (61-58) [Covered by SB Nation's CougCenter], Gonzaga Bulldogs Def. Layola Marymount Lions (79-59) [ Covered by SB Nation's The Slipper Still Fits]

Sunday, Jan 16

The day is here. The NFC divisional playoff game between the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks. The excitement lasted many, many, many hours minutes into the game. I expected a close one, but that didn't happen. In the end, however, it ended up being the best Seahawk loss, by point margin, of the year so far. Don't worry Hawk fans, there's always next year.

Results: NFL: Chicago Bears Def. Seattle Seahawks (35-24) MBB: Washington Huskies At California Golden Bears (7:00)