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Marcus Trufant, John Carlson Recovering From Head Injuries, Will Remain In Chicago Overnight

As a precaution, both Marcus Trufant and John Carlson will remain in Chicago overnight for observation after suffering head injuries during the Seattle Seahawks loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Trufant took a knee to the helmet from tight end Kellen Davis while making a tackle in the second half and stayed on the turf, lying motionless for several minutes. He was immobilized and placed on a backboard before leaving the field on an injury cart.

Carlson was injured just moments into the game, after leaving his feet near the sideline and being upended. He landed headfirst on the frozen turf and also stayed down before being taken off the field on a cart. His head, like Trufant’s, was immobilized as a precaution, though reports indicated it was strictly a head injury, likely a concussion.

Our thoughts go out to both Trufant and Carlson as they recover from two scary injuries. We’ll keep you updated on their conditions, but it looks like neither injury will be serious or affect them in the long-term.