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NFL Playoffs, Bears Vs. Seahawks: Mike Williams Catches A Touchdown, Seattle Still Down Big

It’s a scoring explosion for the Seattle Seahawks, who now trail the Chicago Bears, 28-10. Mike Martz struck again for the Bears after calling for running back Matt Forte to throw out of the wildcat. Forte threw a beautiful ball, hitting Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry right in the numbers. For the second-straight drive, Seattle had excellent field position.

A timely pass interference call on the Bears gave the Seahawks new life after they had stalled in Chicago territory as the Seahawks continued to struggle against a tough Chicago defense. Seattle got it all the way down to the one, but two straight incomplete passes had the Seahawks facing another third and short, this time from the Chicago one. Seattle came up big when Matt Hasselbeck found Mike Williams in the flat for the touchdown.

The Bears still lead the Seahawks in the fourth quarter, though the scoreline is a bit more respectable now. With nine minutes to go, Seattle trails, 28-10.