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NFL Playoffs, Bears Vs. Seahawks: Seattle Gets On The Board ... With A Field Goal

Down 28-0 nothing, Leon Washington set the Seattle Seahawks up with great field position after a 63-yard kickoff return. Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle offense stalled inside the red zone, however, and head coach Pete Carroll chose to kick a field goal. Olindo Mare was perfect from 30 yards out, finally snapping the shutout.

The decision to kick a field goal was, rightfully, criticized. On fourth and nine, down by four touchdowns, choosing to put three points on the board is an obvious head-scratcher. To even give the team a chance, no matter how much of a long-shot it is, the Seahawks needed a touchdown on the possession. Instead, they settled for a field goal, at least putting some kind of points on the board.

In the fourth quarter, the Seahawks trail the Bears, 28-3.