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NFL Playoffs, Bears Vs. Seahawks: Jay Cutler Runs For Another Touchdown

For the second time today, Jay Cutler took matters into his own hands, scrambling into the end zone for a touchdown after coverage broke down. Cutler, not typically a threat to run, has killed the Seattle Seahawks with both his legs and his arm, rushing for two touchdowns while throwing for another, giving the Chicago Bears a 28-0 lead in the third quarter. Surprisingly, Cutler has 25 yards on four carries, including those two touchdowns.

Cutler’s scrambled capped a 14-play, 80 yard drive that spanned nearly eight minutes. With the Seattle defense on its heels, Chicago pounded the ball on its scoring drive, keeping it on the ground 10 of 14 plays.

The Seahawks trail the Bears in the third quarter, 28-0.