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NFL Playoffs: Jay Cutler Leads Bears To 21-0 Halftime Lead Over Seahawks

Jay Cutler may not have had a perfect first half, but he’s got the Bears in complete control of Sunday’s NFL playoff game over the Seattle Seahawks. Cutler has thrown for 177 yards and a touchdown while running for another touchdown to give the Bears a 21-0 halftime lead. He’s made mistakes, hitting Seahawks defenders in the hands more than once, but a case of the butter fingers has left the Seattle defense unable to make a game-changing play thus far.

Greg Olsen has been a game-breaker for the Bears, catching three passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. It was Olsen blowing the game open on Chicago’s first possession of the game, streaking through the Seattle defense for 58 yards and a touchdown. On the Bears next two possession, Olsen and Cutler hooked up again, setting up two more touchdowns, one on a Cutler run and another on a Chester Taylor plunge from one yard out.

The Seahawks offense has been stuck in neutral over the first 30 minutes, gaining just 104 yards of total offense and just five first downs. Seattle is just one of eight on third down for the day. Each of the Seahawks’ first seven possessions have ended in a punt.

At the half, it’s Chicago all over the Seahawks, 21-0.