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Bears Vs. Seahawks: John Carlson Has Head Injury, Feeling In His Extremities

The Seattle Seahawks training staff was taking the utmost precaution with John Carlson’s injury, opting to remove his facemask and place him on a backboard just in case he had a neck or spinal cord injury. The good news, however, is that his injury is limited to his head, and does not involve damage to his spinal cord or back. With the way he landed, hitting his head on the turf first, it would appear Carlson has a concussion. Thankfully, he has feeling in all his extremities.

Carlson leaves a void at the tight end spot after putting together a strong performance against the New Orleans Saints last weekend. His two touchdown performance against the Saints was a key in the Seahawks win, helping them come back from down 10 early. Cameron Morrah is in for Carlson, and dropped an easy first down catch right off the bat.

The Seahwaks still trail the Bears in the first quarter, 7-0. Other than Cutler’s touchdown throw, there’s been little in the way of offense from both teams thus far, with the defenses stepping up early.