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Bears Vs. Seahawks: John Carlson Injured, Carted Off The Field After Hitting His Head

Just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the Seattle Seahawks early-on in Chicago. The Chicago Bears struck first just three minutes into the game when Jay Cutler hit Greg Olsen in stride for 58 yards in the score. On the first play of the Seahawks ensuing possession, Matt Hasselbeck found John Carlson for the first down, but it proved to be costly.

Carlson leapt into the air to avoid a tackle, was undercut and landed square on his head. Carlson laid motionless on the turf for several minutes after suffering an apparent head or neck injury. Carlson was immobilized and placed on a backboard before being carted off the field and into the locker room. It appears he’s done for the day, but we’ll keep you updated on his condition.

With Carlson out, the Seahawks are down to Cameron Morrah at the tight end spot. The Seahawks trail the Bears about halfway through the first quarter, 7-0.