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NFL Playoffs: Bears Vs. Seahawks Comparison Using Bad 80s Music Videos

The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears take the field in the NFL playoffs on Sunday, but 25 years ago the two teams did battle in a different way. Back when it was a fad for NFL teams to make their own music videos, the Seahawks and Bears fell into the trap. Looking back on the two videos, it seems like they may have been a bad idea. Either that or it's a generational thing that I'm missing out on.

In 1985, the Bears made the most recognizable music in NFL history, The Super Bowl Shuffle. You may not know, however, that the Seahawks made their own video, Seahawks Locker Room Rock.

After the jump, we break it down and compare it to The Super Bowl Shuffle

First, notice the wardrobe. We're definitely in the 80s. The video starts out in a normal locker room-type environment. At about 1:30 in, it takes a turn for the weird. Smoke machines, a saxophone, showers and dudes in towels all make for a weird combination. And the shirtless man lifting weights? That's Mike Tice, former Minnesota Vikings head coach and current Chicago Bears offensive line coach.

For comparison, here's The Super Bowl Shuffle.

Let's just hope this trend does come back into style. Some things are better left in the 80s.