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NFL Playoff Schedule: NFC Playoff Bracket After Green Bay Packers Secure NFC Championship Berth

The Green Bay Packers manhandled the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night, cruising to a 48-21 win at the Georgia Dome. With that, the winner of Sunday’s Bears-Seahawks game will have home-field advantage in the NFC championship next week. For the Seahawks, the possibility fans have hoped for from the beginning — the 2011 NFC championship game in front of a rowdy Qwest Field crowd — is tantalizingly close to reality. All that stands in the way is a road game in Chicago against the Bears.

Here’s an updated look at the schedule and bracket for the NFC after Saturday’s game.

Sunday, Jan. 16

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks, 10 a.m. on Fox.

Sunday, Jan. 23
NFC Championship

Green Bay Packers vs. Seahawks/Bears, 12 p.m. on Fox at either Soldier Field or Qwest Field.

Knowing home-field advantage in the NFC championship is on the line adds yet another incentive to Sunday’s divisional round game between the Seahawks and Bears. For the Seahawks, it would be another laugh-out-loud moment in a month that’s already featured plenty already. 7-9 regular season? Beat the Super Bowl champions in a game nobody gave you a chance in? Hosting the NFC championship at Qwest Field in front of a rowdy 12th man? You couldn’t write it better than this.

Tune in tomorrow at 10 a.m. to watch the Bears and Seahawks go at it in Chicago, live on Fox.