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Bears Vs. Seahawks Odds: Seattle Assumes A Familiar Underdog Role

If you're going to pick the Seattle Seahawks to lose, you might as well pick them to lose big. In 2010, there was no middle ground for the Seahawks, with the team either winning or losing in spectacular fashion. None of the Seahawks' nine losses came by less than 15 points, which explains, in part, why the odds-makers are setting such high lines for Seattle's NFL playoff games. Last week, the Seahawks were 10-point underdogs. We all saw what happened.

Here's the last set of odds ahead of tomorrow's 10 a.m. start time. Full odds for all the playoff games can be found here.

Opening line: Chicago Bears (-9.5)  vs. Seattle Seahawks
Saturday night: Chicago Bears (-10) vs. Seattle Seahawks

The over/under is 42.5 or 43, depending on where you look. Last week, the Seahawks nearly covered that on their own after shredding a below-average New Orleans defense. With the game in Chicago, in the cold weather, and the Bears possessing a solid defense, it's easy to see why Vegas expects a low-scoring affair.

Can the Seahawks pull another upset as a heavy underdog again this week? We'll find out on Sunday at 10 a.m. on Fox as the Seahawks take on the Bears in Chicago.