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NFL Playoff Schedule: NFC Matchups, Times And Locations

The AFC may have the spotlight, but this weekend’s NFC playoff matchups have the full attention of fans in Seattle. Against all odds, the Seattle Seahawks are still alive, facing the second-seeded Chicago Bears on Sunday. Up first, the Falcons and Packers open the NFC action on Saturday, with the winner moving on to the NFC Championship next week. Should the Packers win at the Georgia Dome, the Seahawks have a chance to host the NFC Championship, should they beat the Bears on Sunday.

Here’s the full schedule for all the NFC divisional round action.

Saturday, Jan. 15

Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers, 5 p.m. on Fox at the Georgia Dome.

Sunday, Jan. 16

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks, 10 a.m. on Fox at Solider Field in Chicago.

Seahawks fans everywhere are busy rooting for the Packers today, hoping the possibility of an NFC Championship at Qwest Field in front of the 12th man comes to fruition. Of course, none of it matters if the Seahawks can’t take care of business tomorrow in the Windy City. As heavy underdogs again, the Seahawks are looking to shock the world, winning for the second time in Chicago this season.

Watch Matt Ryan and the Falcons take on Aaron Rodgers at the Packers tonight at 5 p.m. before the attention turns to the Seahawks on Sunday morning.