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NFL Playoffs, Bears Vs. Seahawks: 12th Man Gives Hawks A Proper Send-Off

I may be biased, but we have the best fans here in Seattle. The Seahawks hit the road on Friday afternoon, traveling from the VMAC to Seatac Airport, on their way to Chicago for Sunday’s playoff game. After the 12th man put on another fantastic performance last Saturday, the Seahawks go it alone this time around, playing in hostile territory at Soldier Field.

The 12th man, not content to let the Seahawks leave without any fanfare, lined the streets on the route to SeaTac, stopping on overpasses and holding signs with encouragement while cheering the team on. Judging from many of the player’s Twitter accounts, it was an amazing display.

Matt Hasselbeck: Totally humbled by the send-off. You guys are amazing. Thank you! #12 #Seahawks #GetReadyForBeastMode

Pete Carroll: Really cool #12thMan sendoff on the way to the airport… You all are extraordinary! Off we go…. SEA!!

Aaron Curry: There are fans on every overpass, people honking horns, 12 flags everywhere!!!

Mike Williams: #12thMan all over the freeway entrance

Golden Tate: Wow 12th man ….. Y’all r amazing 10 miles down the road I see hundreds of people on a overpass cheering us on! Go hawks

And the list goes on. The players, coaches and support staff were all amazed by the show of support from the 12th man, and the city of Seattle. You can check out some of the pictures from the send-off at the Seahawks Facebook page. Check out that overpass!

Once again, job well done 12th man. The Seahawks truly do have the best fans in all of the NFL, whether at home or on the road.

The Seahawks and Bears kick it off on Sunday at 10 a.m. on Fox. Stay tuned to our StoryStream for the latest leading up to Sunday’s huge NFL playoff game.