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NFL Playoff Scenarios: AFC, NFC Championship Home-Field Advantage Up For Grabs

How wonderful would it be if the Seattle Seahawks won this weekend, and ended up hosting the NFC championship. When the Green Bay Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs, that scenario became possible, and could happen depending on how this weekend’s action shakes out. After all the talk of the Seahawks being unworthy of a playoff bid, a home NFC championship would be the most hilarious twist in a playoff run that’s already been improbable.

Here’s the scenarios for home-field advantage in the AFC and NFC championships.

New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons: It’s simple for each: win and they’ll host the AFC and NFC championships at their home fields. Each is the top seed in their respective divisions, giving them home-field advantage as long as they stay alive.

Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers and Bears do not control their own destiny for home-field advantage, instead having to win and hope the Falcons — in the Bears’ case — and Patriots — in the Steelers’ case — lose. As the No. 2 seeds in the AFC and NFC, they’re each next in line.

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks have to win and hope the Green Bay Packers knock off the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Should that happen, the Seahawks would host the NFC championship at Qwest Field, forcing the Packers to travel to Seattle.

Baltimore Ravens: Like the Seahawks, the Ravens have to win and hope the New York Jets upset the Patriots on the road. As the five seed, the Ravens would then get their first home game of the playoffs after traveling to Kansas City in the first round and Pittsburgh in the second.

New York Jets and Green Bay Packers: As the lowest remaining seeds, the Packers and Jets don’t have the chance to host a home game. To make it to the Super Bowl, these two will have to be road warriors in the playoffs.

For the Seahawks, let’s just focus on taking care of business first. Win this weekend in Chicago, and the rest will fall into place. An NFC championship at Qwest Field, however, has Seahawks fans dreaming, and rooting for the Packers on Saturday.