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Dave Niehaus' Family Will Raise 12th Man Flag Atop Space Needle

With the Seattle Seahawks heading out to Chicago for the second round of the NFL playoffs, the 12th man flag won't be raised in front of a rowdy Qwest Field crowd. Last week, Walter Jones did the honors, and rightfully so, ahead of the Seahawks playoff win over the New Orleans Saints. This Friday, the 12th man flag will be raised atop the Space Needle, with the honors going to the family of Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus.

The news was relayed by Dave Mahler, of KJR, on Twitter.

The family of Dave Niehaus will be raising the 12th man flag on top of the space needle Friday morning..awesome moveless than a minute ago via txt

This is the perfect choice by the Seattle Seahawks. It's a class move by the organization and a nice way to honor Niehaus' legacy in their own way. Bringing the legendary broadcaster's family into the fold and having them raise the 12th man flag is an excellent move for the fans, as well.

It'll all happen on Friday at the Space Needle just before the Seahawks depart for Chicago to take on the Bears at Soldier Field.

For more on this weekend's game, stay tuned to our NFL playoffs StoryStream throughout the week.