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2011 NFL Draft: Jacquizz Rodgers Declares In Surprising Move

For weeks, we've all been told Jacquizz Rodgers would not be declaring for the 2011 NFL Draft, instead returning to Oregon State for another year with the Beavers. On Monday, however, all that went out the window as Rodgers became a surprise early-entry in the draft. It's a bit surprising, considering Rodgers hasn't been listed in the first three rounds of many 2011 NFL mock drafts thus far, but he, apparently, thinks his stock will climb high enough to lift him into the early rounds come April.

Paul Buker, from Oregon Live, has been all over it, tweeting about Quizz's declaration today.

Quizz is declaring for NFL draft .. details comingless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Though we've seen this game before, and the rumor was shot down, it's legitimate this time. Oregon State is holding a press conference at two o'clock p.m. today, with Rodgers speaking to the media about his decision.

Rodgers leaving immediately makes the Beavers worse next year, taking away their biggest offensive threat. His brother, James Rodgers, dealt with a variety of injuries in 2010 and will, reportedly, be back in 2011 to finish his career in Corvallis. It was thought the two Rodgers brothers would stick together, returning to Oregon forthe next year.

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