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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jake Locker Could Fall To Seattle Seahawks

Washington quarterback Jake Locker is one of the hardest players to peg in the 2011 NFL Draft. Looking around at various 2011 NFL mock draft’s, Locker’s fluctuates so much, it’s hard to get an idea of where he’ll go. On Monday, however, at least one mock draft has Locker going to the Seattle Seahawks with the 25th pick in the draft, perhaps exciting fans in Seattle.

Take a look at the two 2011 NFL mock drafts put out by CBS Sports. Both analysts, Rob Rang and Chad Reuter, know the ins-and-outs of NFL front offices and can give great insight into the draft process.

Rob Rang has Locker going to Seattle at No. 25. Rang believes Locker will fall far enough for the hometown team to snatch him up. Right now, before any offseason workouts take place, Locker is a bit of an unknown. His physical tools are great, he’s got the speed to be a dual-threat, but his quarterback IQ, if you will, is tough to peg. Rang has three quarterbacks in the top-10, and Locker as the fourth off the board, going to Seattle.

Chad Reuter has Locker going to Washington at No. 10. This seems to be the prevailing theory about Locker. Washington needs a quarterback, Locker’s stock will likely rise and it seems he’ll be off the board early when April rolls around. One of Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett will probably see a first round slide, but it’s tough to pick which one. Both have amazing physical tools, but still need some development time.

If Locker does happen to slide to the Seahawks, would they — or should they — snatch him up? We’ll find out more as draft time gets closer, but you’d have to think Pete Carroll would be taking a look at him when the time comes.

For more NFL mock drafts and analysis, stay tuned to our StoryStream leading up to the NFL Draft in April.