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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Revised Draft After First Weekend Of NFL Playoffs

The first weekend of the NFL playoffs is over, changing the order of the draft and allowing us to take another look at a few 2011 NFL mock drafts. With early entries flowing into the draft, and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck opting to stay in school, we’ve got a better idea of what players will actually be available in April. The Seahawks will now pick 25th or lower, after an incredible win on Saturday, decreasing the options available for the Seattle front office.

Here’s a look at a few tidbits of interest in the latest 2011 NFL mock draft from SB Nation.

It’s still Ryan Mallett for the Seattle Seahawks. Even though the Seahawks fell to No. 25, Brian Galliford is projecting Mallet will fall with them. The pick hasn’t changed for the Seahawks, despite the change in draft position.

Jake Locker still isn’t in the first round. Locker is the hardest player to peg right now. Some drafts have him as a top-10 pick, others have him as a borderline first-rounder. Where will he go? Odds are Locker impresses in the offseason workouts and finds himself in the early-mid first round.

Blaine Gabbert is now a top-10 pick. We expected Gabbert to shoot up the board and he did, helped along by Luck’s decision last week. Gabbert is now projected to be the 10th pick in the draft, heading to the Washington Redskins. Odds are he won’t fall far enough for the Seahawks to have any shot at him.

Those are the big movers and shakers, as well as notes of interest for the Seahawks. We’ll be back with more NFL mock draft analysis here, in our StoryStream. Check back for the latest throughout the week.