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Brandon Stokley Serves As Mentor For Seattle Seahawks Receivers

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times writes that the Seattle Seahawks signed veteran (read: old) wide receiver Brandon Stokley to help mentor the team’s younger wide receivers, like electric rookie Golden Tate.

There he was, Seattle’s oldest receiver at 34, mentoring the 22-year-old rookie and at that moment you got the feeling the Seahawks signed Stokley to do a little more than just catch passes.

“There wasn’t a huge need for Brandon, but he makes us better in so many ways and it’s not just what he brings to the field,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. "He knows this system and he’s been in this system.

“He can help guys that way and oh by the way, he’s a pretty good receiver too. It just goes with the central theme around here, which is competition and always trying to get better.”