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Seahawks, Sounders And Blazers Owner Paul Allen Joins Twitter

As co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world's richest men, Paul Allen has it all: a professional football team (the Seattle Seahawks), a professional soccer team (the Seattle Sounders), a professional basketball team (the Portland Trail Blazers), a brain science institute, a science fiction museum, a music museum, a bunch of yachts, like 2342342 houses and, now, his very own twitter account.

The Portland Trail Blazers confirmed Tuesday on Twitter that Allen has launched an account: @PaulGAllen.

Here's his avatar.


It's been a busy first 24 hours on Twitter for Allen.  Click through for the details. 

Allen has already thanked Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for beating the San Diego Chargers, welcomed new Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin, posted a link to an MSNBC article, mentioned that he is working on a book and said that he anticipates having "great chats" on the social network. 

As of Wednesday morning, the reclusive Allen already has more than 1,300 followers.

Interestingly, he follows 34 people: mostly friends, employees and athletes. These include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Pete Carroll, Matt Hasselbeck, Greg Oden and two fake Brandon Roy accounts. He also follows a number of music and tech news information accounts.