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New Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin Has Different Title, Responsibilities Than Tod Leiweke

Curtis Crabtree of reports that new Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders president Peter McLoughlin will have a different title and slightly different responsibilities than outgoing CEO Tod Leiweke.

McLoughlin will not take the CEO title previously held by outgoing team president Tod Leiweke. He will be responsible for handling the team's budget while football operations will report directly to ownership.

"He'll obviously have jurisdiction over budgets, annual budgets and those things thus is a structure like many other NFL teams and in fact that's really how it worked for us under my leadership," Leiweke said.

McLoughlin will not have the title that Leiweke had, but will handle some of the same responsibilities. Previously, football operations reported to Leiweke, who served as a conduit to ownership. McLoughlin will not serve in that role. He will have final say on all financial aspects of the organization.

Crabtree also notes that McLoughlin will have no jurisdiction over the Portland Trail Blazers like Leiweke did.