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Lighter Details About New Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin has posted some lighter details about new Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin.

A 2007 Q&A with Sports Business Daily provided a deeper look at the man behind the titles.

Favorite music: Anything by James Taylor.

Favorite movie: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

Personal hero: My dad.

Earliest sports memory: As a participant: pee wee hockey; as a fan, watching the Mets win the '69 World Series. I was 12 years old. After the final game the fans stormed the field and basically tore it up.

Fictional character you identify with: Conor Larkin in "Trinity."

Best business decision: Deciding to join NBC Sports in '79 and then Anheuser-Busch in '85 and the Blues in '06.

Then there's this one, which shows he'll fit right in with the Paul Allen-owned enterprises he's about to manage:

Indispensable piece of technology: I hate to say it - the Blackberry.