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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: NFC West In The Dumps, Seahawks Climbing

We looked at the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings for week 14 earlier, and now it’s time to trip around the web for the rest. The NFC West continues to toil in mediocrity, which is good news or bad news depending on how you look at it. On the good side, the division is easy to win, and still up for grabs. On the bad side, the NFC West is the laughing stock of the NFL.

Over at ESPN, the Seahawks are up two spots to No. 20 this week. NFC West blogger Mike Sando used the ranking to take a shot at Mike Williams.

The only injury break banged-up receiver Mike Williams has gotten was a compound fracture to one of his fingers.

It hurts because it’s true. The St. Louis Rams are the highest-ranked NFC West team, and only team in the teens. But are the Rams legit or frauds?

Like the 49ers, the Rams own no victories over teams that currently have winning records.

Fanhouse has Seattle climbing the charts, up four spots to No. 23 this week. On the horizon, however, is danger for the Seattle squad.

Of the Seahawks’ six wins this season, only two have come against winning teams. Looking at the remaining four games, I see two division leaders and a very dangerous Tampa Bay team. Uh-oh.

The Rams are soaring in the Fanhouse power rankings, checking at No. 15. It took two looks to find the Rams after being so used to looking for NFC West teams buried in the back-half of the 20s.

It’s nice to win on the road, and the Rams have orchestrated two big wins over the last two weeks in Denver and Arizona. But their next two games will be the measuring stick as they face New Orleans and Kansas City to try and stay on top of the NFC West.

With the tough road ahead for both Seattle and St. Louis, it’s well within the realm of possibility to wonder if a 7-9 team will win the division. Winning records be damned, somebody is going to make the playoffs, hosting a home game as a reward.