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Seattle Seahawks Fans Want A Loss Against The Rams On Sunday

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I'm ashamed of my city and its fans. I can understand the Fox poll right after Sunday's loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I get being frustrated with the loss, not caring about the season anymore and pessimism about the Seahawks chances against the Rams. The Seattle Times ran a similar poll, albeit after fans had some time to cool down, and fans still outright admitted they were rooting against the Seahawks. Come on.

For as much praise as Qwest Field and the 12th man have received over the year, this is embarrassing. You want to root against our team, at our stadium, in a game that serves as a one-game playoff for the division? You want to watch the Rams celebrate in our house? For what? A draft pick?

How long has it been since the Seahawks have made the playoffs? It's been three years. After being spoiled with great teams in the mid-2000s, the Seahawks have fallen into a funk. Even as the NFC West toils in mediocrity, the Seahawks have still been unable to break back into the playoffs. They have that chance on Sunday, even with a losing record assured.

If they lose, so be it. But don't actively root against the home team. Given the uncertainty of the draft, and who will declare, I'll take the playoffs any day, even if it means taking a draft pick some 10 spots lower. I can't stomach watching the Rams, a laughing-stock of the division coming into 2010, celebrate a playoff berth.

And I can't stomach fans that are content to root against the Seahawks, no matter how bad it may look to have a 7-9 team in the playoffs. It's our 7-9 team, root for it.