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2011 Pro Bowl Rosters: NFC Selections By Division

The NFC West clearly lacked the star power to pull a high number of Pro Bowl nods in 2011. Only four players from NFC West teams made the Pro Bowl roster, with no Seattle Seahawks among the selections. San Francisco led the way with a whopping two selections.

Around the NFL, here’s how it broke down by conference:

NFC East (15 players): It was a balanced attack by the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys each had five selections while the New York Giants had four. Washington had just one.

NFC South (11 players): It was a one-man show in the NFC South. The Atlanta Falcons led the NFC with seven selections in 2011, taking the majority of the NFC South’s 11 picks.

NFC North (12 players): The Green Bay Packers may be chasing the Chicago Bears in the standings, but they did top the Bears by one Pro Bowl selection. The Minnesota Vikings had one player chosen — Adrian Peterson — and the Detroit Lions had two — Calvin Johnson and Ndamukong Suh.

And thus, you see the balance in power in the NFC. More accurately, you see where the talent is not. Three divisions with 11 or more selections and one, the NFC West, with four.

The 2011 Pro Bowl takes place in Hawaii on Jan. 30, 2011, just one week before the Super Bowl.