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NFL Playoffs: NFC Playoff Picture Through Sunday

With one week to go, the NFL playoff picture is coming into focus, with only a few spots up for grabs. In week 17, plenty of seeding implications remain in the balance, with at least one division in the NFC, the NFC West, up for grabs in the final week of play. The Seattle Seahawks playoff hopes are alive and well, with only the St. Louis Rams standing in the way of a division title and playoff berth.

Here’s how it stands after Sunday’s action. The Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles still have games with playoff implications to be played on Sunday and Monday.

NFC East: The Philadelphia Eagles have clinched the division and are now playing for seeding. The New York Giants continue to skid, this time losing to the Green Bay Packers. As it stands now, the Giants would take the last wildcard spot.

NFC North: The Chicago Bears have clinched the division and are currently the No. 2 seed in the NFC. If it holds, the Bears get a first-round bye and home field in the NFC semifinals. The Green Bay and need a win or a Giants loss next week to steal the wildcard spot from the Giants.

NFC South: This one is still up for grabs with New Orleans and Atlanta playing on Monday. The Falcons have clinched a playoff spot and the Saints, at 10 wins, hold the inside track to the top NFC wildcard berth.

NFC West: No teams are in the hunt for the wildcard. It’s simple for the NFC West: If the Seahawks beat the Rams in week 17, they get the playoff spot. If the Rams win, the playoffs belong to them.