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Buccaneers Vs. Seahawks: Seattle Strikes First With Impressive Drive

Facing a fourth and inches from inside the five yard line, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had another decision to make. Always the gambler, Carroll rolled the dice, electing to put fullback Michael Robinson under center for a sneak. An amazing second effort by Robinson, stuffed on the initial push, put the Seahawks at the one yard line with a fresh set of down. Three plays later, they were in the end zone.

After Tampa Bay stalled on its first drive, the Seahawks were gifted great field position. They took advantage, driving 57 yards, capped by a one-yard Matt Hasselbeck run for the touchdown on third and goal. The run gave Seattle a 7-0 lead in what’s become a meaningless game for the Seahawks.

However, Hasselbeck pulled up lame in the end zone, stricken by some kind of injury. The veteran quarterback was never hit on the run, waltzing into the end zone untouched. More on the situation as it develops.

The Seahawks are already set for a one-game playoff in week 17 and lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first quarter, 7-0. Tampa Bay needs this game to stay alive in the wildcard hunt.