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NFL Playoff Picture: NFC West Comes Down To Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams

It all comes down to one game for the NFC West. Whether the Seattle Seahawks win or lose today in Tampa Bay, the week 17 match-up between the Seahawks and St. Louis Rams will be for the NFC West crown. With as bad as the NFC West has been this year, anything can still happen, but the Seahawks have to like their chances at home in front of a rowdy Qwest Field crowd.

We arrived at this point this morning after the St. Louis Rams took care of business at home, dropping the visiting San Francisco 49ers. In a close game, the Rams strung together a late spurt to hold off the Niners, 25-17. The win eliminates San Francisco from playoff contention and gives the Rams a fighting chance, though the Seahawks would take the NFC West with a win next week after the tiebreakers.

The St. Louis win was the best possible outcome for the Seahawks in week 16. It allows Seattle to control their own destiny, needing only a home win to secure the division title and the home playoff game that comes with it. A San Francisco win would’ve mean the Seahawks would’ve, in all likelihood, had to win out to make the playoffs.

Finally we have some clarity in the NFC West playoff picture. One game to go; one game for the playoff spot. Get ready for a huge week 17 game, and playoff-like atmosphere, at Qwest Field.