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Festivus Gives Us A Chance To Air Grievances With Seattle Sports

It's that time of year. Festivus is upon us, giving us all a chance to air our grievances about the sports figures that let us down in the last year. Festivus is a holiday invented by Seinfeld's Frank Costanza. Years later, the tradition lives on, allowing us to celebrate this joyous holiday on Dec. 23 of each year.

Need a reminder of the rules? Of course you do. To the video.

My Festivus centers on the present happenings in Seattle spots, mainly the troubles with the Seattle Seahawks.

Airing of grievances

Matt Hasselbeck: Matt, we loved you. You've been with us in good times and in bad. This year isn't just a bad time; it's the worst time. The turnovers, lack of zip on passes and continued head-shaking moments have gotten to be too much.

Feats of Strength

Those of us that are still alive and watching the Seattle Seahawks every weekend have accomplished an incredible feat of strength. The strength of one's stomach, to stand such terrible football, is admirable and should be commended on this joyous Festivus. Keep up the good work, die-hards.

Festivus Miracle

That, my friends, is still to come. This year's -- OK, technically it's next year -- Festivus miracle will come on Jan. 1, when the Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams at home to secure a playoff spot. Despite a losing record, the Seahawks book a ticket to the NFC playoffs and, by some miracle, host a home game in the first round.*

*Don't even worry about jinxing it. The NFC West is so terrible, it's beyond any form of jinxing.