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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: St. Louis Rams In Driver's Seat, Seattle Seahawks Falling

As we continue our look around the various NFL power rankings for week 15, the picture becomes even more depressing for Seattle Seahawks fans. The Seahawks, ranked No. 22 in the SB Nation power rankings, weren’t so lucky around the rest of the web. Instead, many of the rankings had the Seahawks in a free-fall, behind both the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

Up first, ESPN, where the Seahawks are at No. 24 this week, behind the Rams (No. 18) and Niners (No. 23). The Seahawks haven’t just been losing, but losing in blowout fashion. Seattle has been the definition of boom or bust in 2010, falling more on the bust side as of late.

All seven of the Seahawks’ defeats have come by double-digit margins.

At Fox Sports, the Seahawks sit at No. 22 this week, two spots behind San Francisco and five behind St. Louis. Injuries, an issue that only got worse against the Niners, have been, and will continue to be, a problem for the Seahawks.

What a disastrous loss at San Francisco. Not only did Seattle play poorly on the road again, the Seahawks came out of the game with just two out of the six receivers on their 53-man roster being healthy.

Between the laundry list of injuries to major contributors, the up-and-down nature of the team and the defense’s inability to slow down opposing offenses, it looks bleak for Seattle. The good news, however, is that Seattle finds itself in the middle of the playoff hunt, thanks in large part to the ineptitude of the division. An upset win in the next two weeks, over either Tampa Bay or Atlanta, doesn’t seem likely, but would do wonders for the Seahawks playoff odds. Even still, that week 17 game against the Rams could be the only game Seattle needs to win over its last three games.