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Fox Tries Soundtrack For Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers Game With Miserable Results

It was bad enough we had to watch the San Francisco 49ers steamroll our Seattle Seahawks Sunday afternoon on Fox. To add insult to injury, Fox used the opportunity to test using a soundtrack for the game, playing music during replays and even live action. Instead of a football game, we were treated to a lame attempt at creating a motion-picture type broadcast that irked the majority of fans watching.

Twitter user angelo_carosio captured some of the worst Fox offenses and created a montage of the failed experiment.

I understand what Fox was trying to do here, but it didn't work. We watch football to see the sport, not to watch a dramatic movie set to an orchestral soundtrack. When I'm watching the game, I want to feel like I'm there, not sitting at home watching a movie. Fox took that experience away by overshadowing the game itself and inserting their own artificial sounds.

Give me the roar of the crowd, the sound of pads popping and the yells of players during the game. Do not, however, give me a dramatic replay set to a soundtrack fit for Avatar. It was unnecessary and, at times, downright annoying. Couple that with broadcasters that aimlessly spouted baseless opinions and we were treated to a sub-par production to go along with an embarrassing loss to the 49ers.

Please, Fox, cut the music and kill this experiment. This is football, not the latest big screen blockbuster.