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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Rounding Up The NFC West

We looked at SB Nation’s power rankings yesterday and it’s time to look around the web to see where the NFC West sits after 12 weeks of play. In short, it’s not pretty, with all four teams sitting below .500 and the division still up for grabs. While the Seahawks were the top-ranked NFC West team in the past, that’s no longer the case. All it took was a win by the St. Louis Rams, couple with a demoralizing loss by Seattle to the Kansas City Chiefs, for the rankings to flip-flop.

ESPN bumped the Rams up four spots to No. 18 following a win over the Denver Broncos. The Seahawks, with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, fell one spot to No. 22. ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando has a theory about the Hawks’ struggles.

The drop-off from surprisingly competitive to roadkill happens quickly for this rebuilding team.

Fox Sports also punished the Seahawks for a loss to Kansas City, dropping them four spots to No. 23. The Rams moved up five to No. 22. Fox Sports noticed what many of us have: the Seahawks are inconsistent and, perhaps, in trouble.

Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde. Can anyone figure this team out? I sure can’t. But one thing is certain; the defense is falling apart. And the offense still can’t find a consistent running game.

Finally, CBS Sports moved the Seahawks down to No. 24 while bumping St. Louis up to No. 20. Once the best of the worst, Seattle has seen its grasp on the division wilt away this season.

That defense isn’t very good. The Chiefs did what they wanted to all day long. They’re no longer in first place in the division.