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Randy Moss Claimed By Tennessee Titans

The Randy Moss saga ended quickly and swiftly, with the Tennessee Titans swooping in to grab the recently released wide receiver. After being placed on waivers yesterday, the highest team on the order would be awarded Moss, and the contract that goes with him, as early as today. That team was the Titans, who add Moss to a receiving corps that needs a big-play threat.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the news on Twitter moments ago.

Tennessee for Moss. Done.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

With Moss staying out of the NFC West, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The Seattle Seahawks never considered Moss, opting to go with what they have at receiver, and the St. Louis Rams decided against claiming Moss, keeping the good thing they have going this season.

If you want to play a guessing game, at 5-3 the Titans were behind all NFC West teams, including the Seahawks, on the waiver wire. With the Titans No. 22 on the waiver list, 21 other teams passed on Moss. He hit the skids and fell far amid questions about his character and concerns about whether he'll even accept the team he was awarded to.

Now that Moss is out of the picture, we can all move on with our lives and focus on figuring out how the Seahawks can deal with all the injuries to both lines.