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Report: St. Louis Rams Also Not Claiming Randy Moss

If the Seahawks aren't claiming Moss, at least he won't be heading to one threat in the division. The St. Louis Rams, arguable the hottest team in the NFC West right now, will not be placing a waiver claim for Randy Moss. The Rams are ahead of the Seahawks in the waiver order, but have no interesting in the former Minnesota Viking.

Fox Sports' NFL writer Jay Glazer, who's been on top of the situation, reported the news on Twitter.

I am hearing Rams are NOT putting in a claim for Moss.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

The last thing the Seahawks need is a team in the NFC West picking up Moss. With the division in flux, and there for anyone's taking, the addition of Moss could push the Rams or Cardinals over the top, establishing them as a clear favorite in a weak NFC West.

No word yet on whether the Arizona Cardinals or San Fransisco 49ers are making a run at Moss, but we should know more as the day goes on.