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Carroll: Seahawks Will Not Claim Randy Moss

Pete Carroll confirmed what's long been expected today: the Seattle Seahawks will not place a waiver claim for Randy Moss. After the Minnesota Vikings released the troubled wide receiver, speculation has been rampant that Seattle would make a run at Moss. At 16th in the waiver wire order, the Seahawks were a long shot to get Moss, but Carroll said Seattle has no interest in the wide receiver, even if he were to fall that far.

The official Seahawks Twitter account confirmed the news and put an end to the speculation.

The Seahawks will not be putting in a waiver claim for WR Randy Moss, @PeteCarroll saidless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

While we don't know where Moss will end up yet, we should find out later today. After hitting the waiver wire yesterday, teams had until today to claim Moss. He will then be awarded to the team with the worst record that places a claim to him.

It's still unknown whether or not Moss will even play for the team that claims him. Reports surfaced today indicating Moss was willing to sit out the entire season if he was unhappy with the team his services were awarded to, handcuffing whomever places a claim for him and creating a headache for front offices. The Randy Moss saga continues to move along after the New England Patriots traded him earlier this year and the Vikings decided he wasn't worth their trouble after a few high profile incidences.

For Seahawks fans, the dream of a highly-touted receiver is over, but it may be for the best.