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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: More Seahawks Analysis From Around The Web

A few of the initial NFL power rankings trickled out yesterday, but today brings another looks at the NFC West and the Seattle Seahawks. It's clear from looking at power rankings from around the web that the Seahawks have company at the top, but not who anyone would've expected at the beginning of the year. The St. Louis Rams, with Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford, are steadily climbing the board and are on the heels of the Seahawks.

To brush up on yesterday's rankings from ESPN, SB Nation and Yahoo!, click here.

After the jump, more rankings and analysis from around the web. and Pro Football Talk teamed up for their power rankings, putting the Seahawks at No. 15, a surprisingly high ranking for a team that's been sitting around No. 20 in all the rankings this week. The Rams check in at No. 18 and continue to rise. PFT had this to say about the Seahawks.

15. Seattle Seahawks (No. 13; 4-3): They should change their name from the Seahawks to the Sybils.

Ouch. Fanhouse was a bit more realistic with the Seahawks, placing them at No. 21, one spot ahead of the Rams. The Fanhouse writers see an 8-8 ceiling for the Rams, expecting youth to take over as St. Louis hits the tough part of their schedule. They also had this to say about the Seahawks.

This is the NFC West's best team? Really? Seattle couldn't do anything on either side of the ball Sunday and got stomped, 33-3, by the suddenly hot Raiders.

It clearly wasn't a good week for Seattle this week. The Hawks look to bounce back this week against the New York Giants in the friendly confines of Qwest Field.