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Brad Childress Fired: Social Media Playing A Bigger Role In Sports Today

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, originally signed by the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2005, found out Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was fired this morning with the rest of the world, from Jay Glazer on Twitter.

As a sign of the times, news travels so fast, the days of a team quietly huddling together to get the news first are gone. With the amount of NFL players, including plenty of Seahawks, making ample use of various social networking mediums, the way we gather our news has changed.

Today was the second time this year Vikings players have stumbled upon huge news about their club online. Just a few weeks ago, word leaked that Randy Moss had been released, also on Twitter. Just as they did today, the Vikings players found out Moss had been released online, through various social networking platforms.

With the amount of athletes and coaches on Twitter, news comes fast now. Just last week, Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian announced that Jake Locker had been cleared to play against the UCLA Bruins on Thursday night. It was how Sarkisian announced the news that came as a surprise. Instead of announcing the news to the press, the traditional route for a head coach, Sarkisian took to Twitter, telling the world all at once, in his own words, without the buffer zone the media provides. More and more, breaking news is passed along through social media outlets, giving fans unprecedented access to their favorite players.

Welcome to our brave new world.