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Seattle Seahawks Not Expected To Pursue Randy Moss

The Minnesota Vikings made it official and released Randy Moss today, amid a firestorm of speculation about his potential landing spot. The Seattle Seahawks, named by Moss’ agent as a potential suitor yesterday, could use the help at receiver, but are not expected to pursue Moss. With a 4-3 record, the Seahawks sit at 16th in the waiver wire claim order, meaning Moss would have to be passed over by 15 other teams before Seattle even gets a crack at the claim. It’s hard to imagine Moss, even with all the turmoil surrounding him, would slide that far.

The Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neil flatly shot down rumors that the Seahawks would try to claim Moss earlier today.

However, indications are the Seahawks won’t be among the teams pursuing Moss. If Moss is waived Tuesday as expected, the soonest he would be awarded to a team is Wednesday.

With Moss now on waivers, we’ll know more about the teams putting in claims as early as tomorrow. The process will happen fast and is a straight-forward one. All 32 teams have a chance to claim him, and assume the rest of his salary, today and the NFL will award him to the team with the lowest record as soon as tomorrow.